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To Those Who Have the Desire but Lack the Tools:

We've all been there. We've wanted to venture into new territory, but we’re unprepared to do it. The door is right there; a new opportunity awaits you but you can’t open it. It’s time you got the right keys to open the door. It’s time you felt confident, prepared, and ready to achieve more success in your life. The other side is full of opportunities and immense success, so take the first step by getting a copy of our e-book, “Beginner's Guide to Posture Analysis and Correction”.  The world of posture analysis and correction is emotionally and financially rewarding, due to new clients, improved retention, and increased client satisfaction.

If you feel uneasy about the anatomy and biomechanics

Our e-book "Beginner's Guide to Posture Analysis and Correction" provides the introductory/entry level education necessary to begin successfully providing posture assessment and correction programs.  The National Posture Institute has been certifying professionals to become NPI Certified Posture Specialists since 2006.  We've used that knowledge and experience to create this book.  You'll benefit from our years of experience working with clients and professionals.  

No need for trial and error testing.  

Pick up your copy today. Start analyzing and correcting posture now. Don’t miss this chance to incorporate this into your current practice and make a difference in the lives of your clients!

What Our E-Book Will Do For You:

Gain Insight

The body doesn't lie, even if your clients don't realize the truth, you will.  Learn how to read a client's body like a book and use that to your advantage.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The industry is flooded with certified professionals from major health/fitness organizations.  Stand out from the crowd.  Create a niche market in your community as the go to expert on posture.

Help Clients Help Themselves

Posture analysis helps identify postural abnormailities, poor body alignment, and harmful behaviors.  Clients may be unaware, but you'll be able to help them identify and fix potential problems before it's too late.

Advance Your Career

Posture assessments provide a wealth of information about the body.  Once you begin harnessing this process, you'll benefit by earning greater income.
What You'll Learn:
  • How to incorporate the posture assessment process into your facility or organization's current assessment and exercise testing program
  • Common factors that lead to poor posture and body alignment
  • How to evaluate the anatomical structures of the vertebral column and other extremities using a Posture and Body Alignment Grid and client/patient evaluation sheet
  • Techniques to analyze and evaluate body alignment, posture, and muscle fiber direction
  • How to organize your posture assessment protocols and procedures
  • Marketing methods and promotional strategies that lead to increased client satisfaction, referrals and income
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What People Are Saying
"I know that I've taken the steps to become a posture expert. The clients I help also know that I have taken the steps to become a posture expert so they really embrace what I teach. Almost all my clients (and potential clients) know they need better posture. Now I have one m ore credential that sets me apart from competition."

Nick Rainey

"Everyone can benefit from posture, balance training and body alignment assessments. Fitness Professionals should all be knowledgeable on postural assessment and balance training. the benefits can be seen with any fitness goal/program you design for a client."

Natalie Johnson

"They are incredibly excited when they start feeling the difference in their bodies.  They are so grateful that I am the “posture police” and always tell me that they have started telling their friends and family to stand up straight."

Desiree Nathanson

About the Author
Dimitri Onyskow has a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Fitness through Purdue University and is an NPI-Certified Posture Specialist and NPI-Certified Resistance Training Professional. He has been in the field of online education since 2006, overseeing a variety of posture, fitness and nutrition related programs. In addition, Dimitri has a passion for helping current health/fitness professionals obtain their career goals by implementing posture analysis and correction programming.